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Contract Manufacturing

Pharma Contract Manufacturing

Harasha Pharma is one of the best pharmaceutical contract manufacturing companies in India with 3 dedicated manufacturing units in India.

We manufacture tablets,capsules,oral liquids, oral dry powder, dry powder injection, liquid injection, pre filled syringes, infusion, suppositories, external applications, eye drops, nasal drop and formulations that help to save the lives of people all over the world.We provide comprehensive contract manufacturing services, including formulation development, production, and packaging, tailored to meet specific requirements.



Experience of Quality Manufacturing 
of more than 500 products under one roof

Our contract manufacturing services in the pharmaceutical industry offer a range of benefits to our clients. With our extensive manufacturing expertise, we can handle a diverse range of pharmaceutical products while ensuring the highest quality standards. Our flexible and scalable services adapt to your production requirements, whether large or small. From formulation development to packaging and labeling, our comprehensive solutions cover the entire manufacturing process. We prioritize quality assurance, adhering to strict WHO-GMP guidelines and undergoing regular audits. Regulatory compliance is a top priority, and we guide you through the complex regulatory landscape. We maintain strict confidentiality and intellectual property protection measures to safeguard your proprietary information. Timely delivery is ensured through efficient manufacturing processes and supply chain management. By partnering with us for contract manufacturing, you can rely on our expertise, focus on core business activities, and benefit from our commitment to delivering high-quality products.


Harasha Pharma PVT. LTD. 

36,3rd Floor,Sector12A,Dwarka,

New Delhi - 110078,India




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